I woke up one day and said fuck it I am gonna express my frustration in a blog. I am normally a completely even tempered, mild mannered, laid back, quiet professional in the horse industry, I have lived everywhere, done it all, seen it all, and I currently live in Maryland with a small business importing young horses, selling, showing, and training. My family has been involved with horses for generations, my husband works for a major law firm in Baltimore, and we have two cats.

I have a problem with authority. I have a problem with authority making very bad decisions. I think major discussions need to happen in this country in every aspect of the hunter/jumper horse world, and until someone tells me to shut the hell up, I am going to explore all of it. Don’t like it? I don’t care, i am not here to make friends. I have 6, maybe 7, I’m good.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for providing your experiences, opinions and suggestions! Along with many other fellow horseman, I struggle to justify why I am contributing to USEF/USHJA when I am in 100% disagreement about decisions being made and money being spent. I hope your voice is heard by a broader audience and you continue to push the envelope. Well done!


  2. I’m old school AND have Thoroughbreds…. Really old school! I get students from other trainers and they too have straight legs, toes out, heels up, thighs open, looking down, ducking, can’t see the upcoming jump, and they are winning Hunter classes. why?


  3. I agree that the hunters need more clinics, more trainers who know how to teach people to ride hunters and less drugs. However, it was quite ironic that you used Tori Colvin’s ride as your example of a perfect hunter round given her mother’s recent suspension for use of drugs on a horse Tori rode. She and her mother and their trainers are CHEATERS – caught in the act. Tori escaped punishment because of a huge hole in the rules, not because she was innocent. Perhaps you should come up with a better example than a known drug user next time. Otherwise, I agree with your comments.


  4. I just got turned onto your blog via Facebook and I like your point of view. I think it’s important to bring these issues to light as you have, without ranting, raving and boasting. I think it’s hard for professionals to express their opinions, lest they face discrimination amongst their peers, clients and sanctioning organizations. Good work! I look forward to the next article.


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