the Young Horse Show Series

The Young Horse Show series finale is coming up in November of this year. I finally have a horse that can participate, as I have been following the progress of this series for quite some time. It was the brain child of Jean Yves Tola, an awesome French dude noting the need to bridge the gap between breeders and horse show people in America, and modeling the series after shows and approvals in Europe. There are 9 shows offered through the year, about one a month in various parts of the country,  and unfortunately for me, the one I was finally available for in Pennsylvania has been cancelled (you can imagine my EXTREME disappointment) I was truly excited for this, and hopefully I will not miss the November Final (the first day is also a qualifier) in Tryon, NC Nov 6-7, 2015, which should be a big deal.

Why is this series so cool? It provides a wealth of education on young horses for one. Watching horses free jump is almost a daily occurrence in Europe, incredibly rare in the States, yet it is vital to watch a horse in motion when you are considering how to rate athleticism for horses in sport, who to breed to, etc. Without the rider, you can see an enormous amount regarding natural ability of a young horse (jump chutes are typically for 2-4 yr olds, although many people still request older horses to demonstrate jump chutes before purchasing). Secondly it connects horseman to breeders. Bridging that gap, so to speak. I know more breeders in Germany right now than I do in the States, and I intend to change that right now, starting with the show in Tryon. You have to do things for yourself, as there is no guidebook for this horse world, and this will definitely be one move I am sure will help me.

I am not entering my horse in the jump chute class, but I am entering him in a flat and a jumping class. The entry blank asks whether your horse is considered a hunter or jumper (mine was purchased to be a hunter) so he will compete and be scored with other 5 year olds, and I guess his discipline will be taken into consideration. It looks as if athleticism is the key determinator on scoring, however, and well educated judges will be able to choose the most athletic winner. If you have a young dressage horse, there are classes available for you, too! I almost considered entering one just for fun, and may still do that in Tryon. Many people breed for certain disciplines, and promoting their stallions is really essential. All entry blanks require breeder information, and the lineage will be known for each horse entering the ring.

This is a great summary describing the content and history:

Of course, I intend to blog about the entire weekend in November, as was going to be my plan for Coopersburg (the event that has been cancelled), I have spoken with Jean Yves at great length about my support, and to beg him consider me for future help (if he doesn’t already think I am a complete and utter lunatic), because I agree his idea is the idea for the future. It can work, it can really benefit the horse industry, and the cost is minimal. My cost in PA for the weekend was going to be under $250, (Tryon may be a little pricier because of the venue) but the contacts I could have made worth loads more. Is it possible to do Hunter Breeding on the A circuit in America for this cost? Do people join the USEF/ USHJA just to do hunter breeding and get discouraged from the costs? 

I think it is crucial for American breeders to be able to showcase young horses without putting so much pressure on their pocketbooks, they already have enough to worry about just keeping foals safe from their own stupidity, so why tax them even more??

Look at the website, give feedback, ideas, criticisms, I want to know. The Young Horse show series has been around for 5 years, but is still too little known or understood in recognized show circuit circles.  There is no membership fee. It is open to horses bred here or abroad. Just remember, it is so hard to be one of the first people with an idea, and getting it off the ground often means not taking anything personally, but just going for it the Nike way. Maybe this idea of a horse show is not for you, but maybe it is of use to your neighbor. Think outside the box…….#ChangeTheHorseShowIndustry and bring on my birthday in November! I’ll supply cake if you want to tag along!!

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This is a yearling. His sire is Asca Z, Damsire is Lupicor. The breed is Zangersheide, the breeder is Margiet Limpens, and the owner is Aliboo Farm, Inc.

Random horse photo free jumping? ok no problem I aim to please….

miralynnnov09 (3)a

Watching a young dressage horse attempt jumping in order to consider him for the hunter ring…


Maybe this is a dressage prospect? you decide…..


The horse I will hopefully take to Tryon if I can work out the conflicts.. meet baby Westin


Westin, aka “Under Cover”, 2010 gelding by Ustinov (Libero H). Damsire is Cavalier


the 2013 Young Horse Show 5 yr old champion jumping under tack?


Iago JSF, Sired by Acodetto. Damsire is Balta ‘Czar, breeder is Jump Start Farm.


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